Vastu tips for home

5+ Vastu Tips For New Home

Introduction to Vastushastra according for new home

Vastu is a system of Indian traditional society that is being in practice for years. It is the systematic planning of architecture by giving more importance to directions, most scientifically and artistically, involving elements of astrology. To enumerate, Vastu shastra unites the relation of real-life with nature around us, elements, positive and negative energies that surround us.

How Vastu becomes essential for your house?

No doubt, Vastu involves aspects like nature, elements, positive and negative energy that are present around us. Interestingly, Vastu combines all five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and space) of nature that help in maintaining balance. And this systematic planning involves every inch of your house, and every minor corner detail is also taken into consideration.
It starts directly from your entrance gate. Let’s talk about each important aspect of the house for healthy and positive living: –

  • Vastu for Entrance: According to Vastu, your door should always be towards north, east, or north-eastern directions. These directions lead the way towards success and bring positivity to your life. 
  • Vastu for Spiritual Room: Assigning a room just for spiritual works is found to be very helpful to create a positive environment and also helps in spiritual growth. Also, directions are preferably kept same as entrance facing towards north, east or north-eastern direction.
  • Vastu for Living Room: The living room is a room for everyone, where everyone lives. And it’s the first impression for your guests too. So, the first thing to make sure is it should be kept clean. It shouldn’t be messy. Directions should preferably be north, west or northern-west, and for furniture, it should be in west, south or west-southern order. 
  • Vastu for Bedroom: Although Vastu Shastra also plays a vital role in the bedroom, it helps your sleep, health issues and decreases the chance of fights among family members or your close ones. The Colour used in the bedroom should be pastel or earthy shades, which help create a positive environment. And one should never keep spiritual-related kinds of stuff and painting depicting fountains, water, or fire. It may cause distress in your life. But you may light soothing lights or even soothing pleasant smells. 
  • Vastu for Courtyard: The courtyard is an ancient Indian architecture that is an epicenter of Vastu Shastra. It is also known as brahmasthan. It is well-thought to be the purest, holiest, and exciting part of your house. Primarily, it is an essential part of your architecture. To generate positive energies, it should be kept clean always.


In conclusion, Vastu is an essential need for your peaceful, prosperous and healthy life. To get everything perfectly done according to VastuShastra, consult Abhi Kumr, the Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi.

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