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Numerology Foundation Course

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Numerology involves many calculations, concepts, and practices which helps in co-relating your real-life situations and number. Although, Divinegyaan makes it easy to make you learn about the whole process of Numerology. We aim to impart quality education and the best of our knowledge. These in-depth and well-researched Best Numerology courses will walk you through this analysis step by step so that by the end of this Course in India, you’ll know how numbers are connected to you, what they say, and how you can use this knowledge in your life. It provides information about the value of your birth number (Numbers in your Date of Birth), how to measure your destiny, spirit, personality, and spiritual development numbers, and how to assist others in doing so. Numerology courses are offered both online and offline at Divinegyaan. Once you’ve reserved your seat, you’ll learn from India’s best Numerologist, Abhinandan Kumar Ji, who has ten years of experience in this field. On a course-by-course basis, I would recommend books to make studying faster but more in-depth. You will contact anyone after the course is completed if you have any questions about the issue.

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Numerology Foundation Course


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Numerology
Chapter 2 – Introduction to Driver & Conductor & Lo Shu Grid
Chapter 3 – Lo Shu Grid of Famous personalities.
Chapter 4 – Planes in Numerology
Chapter 5 – Compatibility of Numbers
Chapter 6 – Lucky Numbers
Chapter 7 – Characteristics of Number 1-9
Chapter 8 – Driver Conductor Combination
Chapter 9 – Introduction of Repetitive Numbers


Mobile Numerology

Vehicle Numerology

House Numerology

Basic Remedies

Numerology Foundation Course in Delhi

Numerology Professional Course

Numerology Professional Course


Topic 1 – Impact of Repetitive Numbers Part 1
Topic 2 – Impact of Repetitive Numbers Part 2
Topic 3 – Impact of Missing Numbers
Topic 4 – Complementary Numbers
Topic 5 – Remedies for Missing numbers Part 1
Topic 6 – Remedies for Missing numbers Part 2
Topic 7 – Master Destiny Numbers
Topic 8 – Future Trends Part 1
Topic 9 – Future Trends Part 2
Topic 10 – How to calculate Personal month and day
Topic 11 – Friendly and Non-Friendly Colours
Topic 12 – Name Spelling Correction (Master Stroke)
Topic 13 – Name Spelling Correction_Company/Products
Topic 14 – Name Spelling Correction_Implementation
Topic 15 – Remedies for Missing Numbers Part 3
Topic 16 – Karmic Numbers
Topic 17 – Marriage/Partnership Compatibility

Who can Learn

Whoever has a keen interest in learning the process, calculations, concepts, and practices involved in Numerology, there are certain benefits of learning Numerology Courses.

Life Purpose With Numerology – These Best Numerology Courses will help you get information about your character, virtues, shortcomings, life purpose, career, friendship, and all certain facets of life by measuring your life path number and destiny number of other things.

Enterprise And Job Advancement – It assists you in deciding on your corporate name, office name, company name, product name, and ad campaign name.

Naming Your Kids – Best possible prospects keep the name of a child in sync with the name of his or her parents, as well as the child’s Astrology map.

Purchasing Lucky Real Estate – It can assist you in deciphering the energies of an address, a house, a country to which you wish to relocate, or a city where you seek employment.

Market Demand – Numerology is used by several major corporations, including Coca-Cola, Nokia, and others, to develop alternatives. It depends on how dedicated a person is and how well he can apply himself.

Average Consultation – Numerologists are usually self-employed and set their wages. You can charge clients by the hour or charge a fee based on the type of chart you can create. The amount of money a numerologist can make varies greatly. The average minimum consultation must be around 1500rs.

Duration – If you want to practice Numerology or want to do it seriously, Divinegyaan has many opportunities for you. The Numerology Course would appeal to students and others interested in Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, and Psychic Growth.

In India, people charge as little as Rs. 500 per session at first, but as the economy grows, skilled numerologists and astrologers receive between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000 per day or session. Any professional numerologists are employed for more extended periods, which may result in higher fees.

Course Content

  • Definition of Numerology.
  • Importance of number in life.
  • Assignment Session.
  • Masters Numbers
  • Numbers 1 through 9 have standard definitions.
  • The Art and Science of Digital Summarization
  • The Number of Your Life Path
  • Your Relationships and Numerology
  • Numbers associated with karma
  • Aspects of Harmony and Discord
  • Predictions
  • Medical Numerology
  • Study of 81 combinations
  • Remedies

Course Learning

  • The Personality Traits, Destiny Numbers and their Effects.
  • Power of Numbers and impact, as well as its formula, effect, and influences. Nature and personality traits, significant days, months, and years, health, marriage, hobbies, and business.
  • We include legends and artists in our case studies. Match our predictions with their achievements in history. In real-life examples and case studies, you’ll learn how to apply Numerology concepts.
  • The Numerology Methods, Numerological Systems, Personality Traits, Destiny Numbers and their Effects.
  • The Evolution of Numbers, Development of Numerology, Numerology Methods, Numerological Systems.
  • Aspects of astrology and numerology include the 12 zodiac signs, the relationship between planets and signs, solar and lunar signs, a comparison of the two systems and their influences, finding your sign, and applications.
  • How to perform Numerological calculations and readings Numerological predictions are well discussed, with several instances. The final push was to interpret an Astro-Numerological chart.

Courses Modules

  • Numerology Certificate Program – Accreditation is a fantastic opportunity to get into a new field. By enrolling in this certificate program, you will learn about all the necessary aspects of starting a numerological practice. The complete program is broken down into three courses
  • After completing the program’s prerequisites, you’ll receive a certificate.

How to Examine a Person as if They Were a Book- This brief lesson will teach you how to utilize numbers in everyday life. The mentor takes you to step by step through the processes and encourages you to practice using the materials supplied. Examine how numbers may be regarded from a mental, physical, and intuitive standpoint, as well as the energy they contain. You might pursue advanced certificates after completing the courses.

  • 11 Lectures + 13 Downloadable Resources + Unlimited Access for a Lifetime
  • 1.5 hours in length

The Basics of Numerology (online learning)- Mr.Abhinandan Kumar, a renowned numerologist, will teach you in this complete seminar. Learn about various subjects, including how the system works, long and short-term problems, and generating personality profiles. The course covers forecasting approaches in a variety of fields, including education, health, and finance. With simple and straightforward directions.

  • A meditation and a quiz are included as bonus content.
  • Variable duration

Roadmap for Success

Career Option

Build your career in this field.


Numerologist is believed to be most reputed profession.

Best Numerology Courses


Makes you financial independent.


Build connections and change their lives with your knowledge.


For individuals interested in studying the life-changing ideas of Numerology, Divinegyaan is the best and most reliable resource. You may learn the basics and higher levels of numerology by enrolling in Divinegyaan’s Professional Diploma Course in Numerology. Divinegyaan’s numerology distance learning classes are well-known for producing a high-quality, easy-to-understand language. Beginners will be able to study Numerology ideas online by using practical examples and real-life case studies.

For people interested in learning about the helpful topic of Numerology, there are a variety of publications accessible on the market. However, they lack a systematic and rigorous approach in terms of content design and general teaching style. Divinegyaan is known for developing a structured learning approach and thorough materials for individuals learning Numerology for the first time.

Numerology is studying the numbers linked with a person’s birth time and date to foretell their life. The information gleaned from this study will assist the person in making better decisions in areas such as school, profession, marriage, and relationships. People increasingly choose the principles and treatments of Numerology to maximize their lives as the world and life, in general, become more complex. As a result, the need for knowledgeable and dependable numerologists is fast expanding. As a result, Numerology is an excellent career choice.

Students Testimonials

Why Choose Divinegyaan

Certifications for Courses

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your accomplishment in the industry.

Faculty Have a lot of Experience

When it comes to recruiting teachers for every course, Divinegyaan follows a rigorous and meticulous procedure. Choose the faculty for Best Numerology Courses based on their experience conducting Numerology courses and their skills in Numerology Consultancy.

Study Charts of Famous Personalities

Students will be given a chance to study the Birth Chart of Famous personalities for case studies.

Monthly Concepts Revision Bootcamp

Every month for the next year, special Bootcamp Sessions (to practice Numerology Online) are held for revising lessons and learning skills with business professionals directly targeted to get you industry-ready.

Internships are Guaranteed

In this Certified Numerologist Course, a 100% Internship is promised with Divinegyaan Numerology Experts and the chance to work on Live Projects. It is to ensure that our graduates not only understand the principles but also have hands-on teaching experience.