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Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen by Divine Gyaan

Kitchen is One of the most crucial aspects of a house’s overall design is Vastu. Hindus hold the opinion that a kitchen created using Vastu Shastra principles will assist the prisoners to live happy and healthy lives. Vastu for kitchen plays an important role for any home. A Vastu consultant in Delhi can help in setting your kitchen in the best ways. Get Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen by Mr.Abhi Kumr.

The Direction of the Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, the elements of earth, heaven, air, fire, and water must be in harmony for your kitchen to radiate positive energy.

The following are crucial elements that must be carefully taken into account while building a kitchen according to Vastu principles:

● The southeast direction of your home is where your kitchen should be located since, according to Vastu Shastra, Agni, the Lord of Fire, dominates this area.

● Gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, and other appliances should all be put in the southeast corner of the kitchen since everything inside the room symbolizes fire.

● Inside the kitchen, water pipelines, the washing machine, and the kitchen drain should all be located in the north or northeast.

● In order to aid you in overcoming problems in life, the refrigerator should be placed with its doors facing southwest.

● Grain and other stock should be kept in the kitchen’s southwest corner since doing so attract luck and wealth.

What advantages come from constructing a kitchen according to Vastu?

Lucky occurrences in life

In your home, the occurrence of fortunate events is ensured by a well-designed kitchen. According to Vastu, a balanced fire element in a kitchen assures the occurrence of such auspicious events in your home.

Protects one’s physical health and wellbeing

The Manipura chakra is represented by the element of fire in the human body.

The body’s “fire centre” is another name for this area. Similar to how a healthy “fire centre” within the body prevents disease, a healthy “fire centre” in your home (the kitchen) will prevent disease in both your home and its residents.

By choosing the proper Vastu for kitchen orientation, the fire element in the home would be balanced.

What You Must Avoid?

● Avoid cooking in the kitchen that is directly above or below the pooja/prayer room.

● Avoid placing the kitchen directly above or below the toilets.

● Place a stove or gas burner away from the front kitchen entrance door.

● Family members experience mental stress and significant losses as a result of a kitchen in the northeast. This is a typical Vastu flaw, therefore if your kitchen is in the northeast corner of your home, you should read the article outlining the solutions you can use to lessen its negative impacts.

● South-West kitchen causes arguments between family members.

● The kitchen facing North is the most hazardous because it is Lord Kubera’s (the God of Wealth) direction and will cause an uncontrollable and excessive increase in family expenses.

● Never cook with your back to the west since doing so can seriously harm your health.

● A black kitchen floor and wall should be avoided.


What should be considered while constructing a kitchen in a home should now be clear? Any imbalance, such as an improperly situated kitchen, might prove to be expensive in terms of both health and money.

To maintain a healthy family and a disease-free home, it is crucial to design the kitchen using Vastu principles. Hire a professional Vastu Shastra consultant in Gurgaon Delhi NCR to give your home more happiness.

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