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How to Choose a Best Vastu Consultant for Office

There are many Vastu Consultants out there, so how to choose the Best Vastu Consultant for office. Below are the factors listed

  1. Scientific and Logical Vastu Solution – Vastu Principles are always applied scientifically and logically by Divine Gyaan. For a better result, a Divine Gyaan Vastu Expert must combine modern scientific theory with traditional wisdom.
  2. Cost-effective solution for Vastu Correction – It is recommended by several Vastu shastra consultants in India. In the name of Vastu Remedy, We never recommend or sell any product. Consultants only need to offer easy solutions to complex issues and provide Vastu Remedy with the most cost-effectiveness.
  3. Vastu Correction Without Demolition – Many Vastu Specialists in India are currently performing structural changes for simple Vastu correction. Changing the structure is an expensive and dangerous task.
  4. Understanding of Architecture – Advisors must have a superior understanding of Structure, Architecture, Planning, and Design.

Abhi Kumr – Best Vastu Consultant For Office

DivineGyaan was formed in 2011 to enhance people’s living standards by Vastu Expert Abhi Kumr combining with Vastu science and its concepts. Vastu harmonizes nature’s powerful energy sources, resulting in the most significant possible benefits of growth and prosperity, why he is considered the Best Vastu Consultant for office.

  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • Site Visit personally by Mr. Abhi Kumr
  • Site Visit Outside Delhi NCR.
  • No expensive remedies

Impact Of Vastu Consultation for Office

An office setting can have a significant impact on a consultant’s professional success. People’s productivity can be drained by poor Vastu design in the office. The modern workplace is a never-ending barrage of distractions. The office environment should be either stress-free or serene to provide efficient services.

Important Vastu considerations for professionals adhering to office Vastu

1. For business needs, square and rectangular plots are ideal. If the workplace does not have a square or rectangle shape, screens or cupboards might be employed to make it so.

2. Mars is the Lord of the South and a symbol of physical power. A South-facing office that requires a lot of physical labour performs well.

3. The Sun rules the East, while the Moon and Mercury dominate the North or North-West. These are the ideal directions for offices of intellectuals such as engineers, writers, publishers, and designers, among others.

4. Because Venus rules the South-East, it is the best direction for female-run businesses.

5. Because Rahu rules the South-West, industries and offices dealing with pesticides, toxic pharmaceuticals, or even mosquito mats should face this direction.

6. The North-West is ideal for a vehicle showroom with openings in the North-West and beauty salons, air conditioning, and other similar businesses. Nothing is permanent in this zone of the air.

7. Bankers and moneylenders prefer the north.

8. At the office entrance, there should be no Vedha or impediment. Shermukhi plots are ideal for commercial purposes.

9. The reception area should be oriented towards the East or north.

10. The North-West can be used for a client waiting for areas and sales and marketing personnel seating. The restrooms should likewise be located toward the northwest.

11. The organization’s or office’s leader should sit in the southwest. Behind him, there should always be a solid wall, and his desk should always be a rectangle. Officers on the second level can sit in either the south or west. Should place Heavy cabinets in the southwest, south, or West.

12. The optimum location for the accounting department is in the north, with the workers seated to the north.

13. Boardrooms and conference rooms might be located in either the East or West. The direction of new beginnings and inspiration is to the east. After a predetermined target has been completed, West is the most excellent option for post-analysis.

14. On a more significant business, the pantry or kitchen should be in the southeast. Heat and fire-related equipment, such as a boiler, generator, and photocopier, should likewise be located toward the southeast.

15. Should set up a small prayer place in the office’s northeast corner. It should be kept tidy and uncluttered.

16. Should clean the office daily and should sort surplus and unwanted papers and materials regularly. It is critical to preserve positive energy in the workplace.

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