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Name decides your fate

About Numerology

Numerology is a belief in numbers playing a significant role in each individual’s life in every possible way. Which kind of demonstrates your way of living, every happening that is taking place in your life. It can be a boon when you don’t work on your numbers adequately and can also be a bane if you work rightly towards professional help.

Numerology in Name

Yes, you heard it right. Numerology also has a part to play in your name because each alphabet is also connected with a number. When calculated, it provides with compound name number, which is also called namank, which plays a vital role in your life as your name is your personalized identity. It is the first thing that is ever asked everywhere.

Perks of Numerology in Name

As we all read, your name is your personalized and your first identity yours.

It plays a great role in one’s life. Numerology in name works according to the alphabet’s number and then calculated accordingly.  Each alphabet has a different number, which have their own pros and cons. Moving forward, they could also be a reason for your success and failure, wealth and poverty, health and illness. So it’s always a better option to consult with professional numerologists or Best Numerologist in Delhi, they might tell you and help you with your name. And could even suggest you changes for your better luck.


To conclude, Numerology is a vast field. It’s found everywhere even in your name. To find out your namank it requires calculation which is done by professional numerologists and one of the leading expert is Abhi Kumr Numerologist who’s a Delhi’s Best Numerologist.

The proper name with correct calculation is your way to luck. Be wise to choose the random alphabets that can lead you towards prosperity, health, and wealth.

Let name decide your fate.

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