Business Name Numerology

Numerology for a Business Name

Your Business Name is more important than your name. When choosing a business name, we have to keep two factors in mind, the first factor is that it should be compatible with you and the second factor is that it should be in sync with the business you are doing. For Example, if you are doing business related to planet Saturn, then choosing the name-giving energy to the Sun will negatively affect your business.

Now every Alphabet in the English language has Numeric Values. You will also find that different types of Numerology methods have different numeric values for each Alphabet; however, we at DivineGyaan follow the Chaldean Method of Numerology. Like any other science, Numerology also works by rules. Now the first thing the Best Numerologist in Delhi will do is to found the Numeric Value for your name. After calculating the Numeric value, we will check if this name is compatible with the business you are doing and, secondly if it is in sync with your Numbers.

Business requires time, energy, and resources. We cannot let our time, energy, and many other resources go to waste just by not choosing the name pulling our business down. E.g., most movies nowadays have a name that a Numerologist gives to give the best results. It does not mean that changing the name will change the content, but the universe will start pulling the correct energies that will relate it to those movies.

One can choose the desired business name, but a Numerologist can make few corrections in the spellings and sound that can help you prosper. Our goal should be to make a small business a Brand with the correct name.

Unlike general names, other factors also need to be considered while naming a business, like if it’s being run by an individual only or a Private limited company. Several things need to be considered before finalizing a specific name. Our Job is not to tweak the name but to align the best energies for our clients or individuals seeking our help.

We at Divine Gyaan will help you to choose the name which is compatible with you and your business so that the correct energies can help you to excel in your business.

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