Best Vastu & Numerology Expert in Delhi

Best Vastu & Numerology Expert in Delhi

Know Our Expert

Abhi Kumr is the founder of DivineGyaan, also known as a professional and highly qualified prominent best Vastu consultant in Delhi. He is also a known Author, Entrepreneur, Vastu Consultant, and numerologist.

He himself was struggling with his career and financial issues. With the help of his own knowledge, he transformed his life and also helped hundreds of people change their living conditions through Numerology.

Now he is on a mission to coach people about Vastu & Numerology so that they can work on their weaknesses, rediscover themselves, and can make effective use of this science.

With his own experience, he started researching, learning, and observing the different buildings from the view of Vastu. He found that people who moved to houses balanced as per the rules of Vastu were happier and prospered in life, whereas people who moved to a house with Vastu defects started to suffer. Since then, he is practicing, researching, and still learning about this ancient science.

He is an expert in transforming an individual’s life with the help of his vibrations:

  • The secret of Numerology for personal and family growth.
  • How to create wealth and positive vibrations in your life with Numerology & Vastu
  • Ways to increase your bank balance through Vastu & Numerology .

History & Roadmap

He has gained a reputation for providing confidential and effective services combined with substantial authentic knowledge about numerology. All numerology reports are prepared under personal supervision as well as the guidance of ABHI KUMR. His clients include high-profile Individuals, Corporates, Hotels, Hospitals, industrialists, Television, Actors, Artist, Cricket, and also Sports Professionals. His work has been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines. At DivineGyaan, we provide professional numerology consultation for business, individual, newborn baby names, relationship compatibility. We also provide specialized services for lucky mobile numbers, lucky color and number for your vehicle, auspicious date for house warming, lucky colors, business logo and business cards. Numerology is the mystical study and analysis of numbers. Numerologists are those people who place faith in numerical patterns and draw conclusions from them. Best Numerologist Abhi Kumr loves numbers and his love for numbers helps in transforming the lives of individuals. He makes predictions about an individual’s future based on their date of birth. He even explains the influence of a number on a person by making certain calculations.

Abhi Kumr is the best and genuine numerologist based in Delhi he has over 10+. yrs of experience in the field of Vastu and numerology. He is highly experienced and makes accurate predictions about an individual’s future on the basis of his or her date of birth and offers recommendations for improvement in your life. Choose your correct numbers to launch your business with Best Numerologist in Delhi. He will brief you about talents and potential which can prove to be a turning point in your life. He is an expert in understanding the present situation of your surroundings in different aspects on analyzing the existing layout plan of your residence or workplace. He is not only a Vastu professional but also a researcher in this field of Vastu planning and interior designing. To get all things perfectly done in accordance with VastuShastra consult Abhi Kumr, Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi. He specializes in activating and balancing energy in industries, houses, and commercial complexes whole avoiding all possible structural changes.  Divine Gyaan also offers professional regular and online courses. Numerology and Vastu courses with a certified certification. He wants to share his knowledge and experience of Vastu, Numerology, with everyone around him to benefit from it.

Reason to Choose Us

  • Accurate Numerological characteristic report and forecasts for specific inquiries about your health, wealth, relationship, business, money, employment, education, various illnesses, overseas trip, and so on.
  • Calculations suggest the most acceptable name spellings for effective luck and good fortune.
  • The gemstones recommended are original, pure, and genuine and come with a certificate from a government-approved laboratory. The Rudraksha seeds were all purchased in Nepal and come with a certificate from a reputable laboratory.
  • Mr. Abhi Kumr is one of the few Rudraksha experts who can determine its purity and authenticity. Suggestions for 1-14 Mukhi and the combination of several Rudraksha Malas based on the individual’s needs and concerns.
  • Scientific Vastu Consultancy of a house, office, store, or factory with verified facts is beneficial. All ideas, such as object placements, light, sound, and radiation intensities, energetic dimensions, geopathic stress, and electromagnetic radiations, such as negative energies, will be proven. Compelling and proven low-cost solutions are provided, with guaranteed outcomes.