Online Vastu Professional Course

Vastu is a deep study of concepts related to the science and art of directions and involves systematic planning. Although, DivineGyaan makes it easy to learn by providing you with the Best Vastu Courses and vast knowledge as a whole, including personal experiences. People may receive holistic training from Divinegyaan to help them prepare their minds to handle the Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Financial aspects of their lives. It has also evolved into preparing people’s communication and professional effectiveness skills to deal with life’s challenges at work and home. We are educating Best Vastu Courses in delhi and imparting information on the origins of Vastu. The mission is to raise awareness of the ancient Vedic science of Vastu in every person’s home, workplace, and life. The aim is to train millions of Vastu professionals worldwide. Vastu is a fundamental part of the architecture, real estate, construction, and a wide range of design units to create Vastu-compliant structures and interiors. We are a pioneer in the field of Predictive Vedic Vastu and the provision of remedies without demolition.

Online Vastu Professional Course

Chapter 1 – How is Vastu Shastra useful in today’s world?
Chapter 2 – The entire process of creating a layout
Chapter 3 – How to precisely measure a building’s centre
Chapter 4 – What is the best way to locate the centre of an irregular plot or floor?
Chapter 5 – How to Use a Magnetic Compass to Get Accurate Readings
Chapter 6 – How to Prevent Magnetic Compass Errors
Chapter 7 – What is the best way to grid a layout like a pro?
Chapter 8 – How your life is influenced by directions
Chapter 9 – 16 Directions and its importance
Chapter 10 – 32 Entrances and its importance.
Chapter 11 – Effects of 32 Entrances in North, East, South & West
Chapter 12 – Effects of Different Objects in 16 Directions
Chapter 13 – Different Shapes of Plots
Chapter 14 – Cuts & Extensions
Chapter 15 – Effect & Rules of Building Height
Chapter 16 – Effect & Rules of Stair Cases in Different Directions
Chapter 17 – Effect & Rules of Overhead tanks in Different Directions
Chapter 18 – Effect & Rules of Bedroom in Different Directions
Chapter 19 – Effect & Rules of Toilets in Different Directions.
Chapter 20 – Remedies of Vastu Dosh

Vastu Professional Course


Anyone interested in learning about Vastu shastra principles can do so. There are several Vastu learning facilities and online Vastu programs to learn the topic from beginner to professional and advanced levels. Practical examples and real-life case studies may help you master advanced Vastu principles quickly and easily. Knowledgeable specialists make Vastu videos and Vastu Shastra books in the field at Divinegyaan. Divinegyaan has excelled in online video courses as well as distance learning courses.

You may buy books on Advanced Vastu Shastra on the market, but they will give you withdraw data and not a systematic learning process. You won’t obtain these benefits if you read books from the bookstore. Divinegyaan’s Vastu Shastra books include about 1200 pages of high-quality information. With the use of hand-drawn illustrations and actual illustrations, each Vastu Shastra theory is thoroughly explained.

Vastu Shastra as a profession has a bright future in both India and other nations. The number of aware of Vastu Principles and the benefits of using them is steadily growing. It results in a growing demand for qualified and trustworthy specialists in the field. As a result, it would be a sensible idea for anyone interested in becoming a professional Vastu Shastra consultant.

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Why Choose DivineGyaan

At Divinegyaan, we believe that our thoughts form and mold us. When they talk or behave, those whose minds are formed by selfless thoughts bring joy to others. Divinegyaan Vastu experts provide rigorous training on all facets of Vastu and ensure that you clearly understand how to apply Vastu values. They will also help you find the right solutions to your challenges and live a happy and peaceful life. These Best Vastu courses will teach you how to put these ideas into practice in real-life situations to support you and your family.

Our instructors clarify topics in simple, easy-to-understand words, allowing students to learn more effectively. We give students complete freedom to investigate the subject. Based on real-life examples, we teach you concepts. Our instructors assist applicants in finishing assignments and also coach them for interview questions and responses. Our trainer’s profile includes :

  • Professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience.
  • In a single year, I taught over 2000 students.
  • Trainers have strong theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Subject matter expertise and up-to-date knowledge of real-world business implementations

Accreditations & Certifications

The credential is only provided after our preparation and functional projects have been completed successfully.


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