Vastu Courses in Delhi
Vastu Courses

Vastu Courses in Delhi

Career Scope!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and traditional Indian architectural system. It aims to bring unity, harmony, prosperity, and happiness into a family’s life. Vastu is common in India, but it is also gaining popularity in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe. According to Vastu, more and more people in western countries are becoming interested in designing their homes, which is a study based on the five essential elements of Earth, Fire, Sky, Air, and Water.

Let’s look at Vastu’s impact on western culture and how to make a living!

Occupational Opportunities!

Vastu Shastra has emerged as one of India’s most exciting and profitable career opportunities. A Best Vastu Courses from a reputable institute or university is needed to become a good Vastu Expert. After completing the course, you will be able to work with any company as a Vastu Expert. With enough expertise and resources, one can start his or her firm to consult and advise people.

Benefits of Doing Vastu Courses!

Bringing Nature’s Resources into Balance – Nature’s strong energy sources, such as the sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic, and cosmic energy, are harmonized by Vastu. When harmonized by Vastu, these energies provide the owner with a living space with the most significant benefits, including development and eternal prosperity.

Monetary Benefits – A correct implementation of Vastu principles in a house blesses its inhabitants with abundant riches or financial happiness by unblocking your fate to golden opportunities and prosperity. With the implementation of Vastu principles in your living room, you will experience exponential monetary growth as well as financial dependency and stability.

Growth in chosen Endeavor – Vastu science is an excellent corrective Best Vastu Courses for anything hampering your progress in the chosen field. If you want to get a promotion or achieve tremendous success in your job/career, or you want to go above and beyond in your academic pursuits, following Vastu will help you broaden your horizons. Can experience significant growth and success in your chosen sector with the proper implementation of Vastu in your life. The Vastu force allows you to enjoy a series of golden opportunities that your life has to bring!

Maintains the Strength & Bond of your Relationship – One of the excellent contributions of Vastu Shastra to any relationship is that it serves as a tremendous neutralizing force against all harmful elements that impact your relationship’s bond to deteriorate and become brittle over a while. Vastu strengthens the loose bonds that are causing a rift between you and your partner and brings harmony. It also Improves your family bonding and has a healthier relationship with your relatives.

People Belief in Vastu Shastra!

Nearly 93% of home buyers pursue Vastu compliant homes, according to a study conducted by the property portal, across eight major cities.

Before physically inspecting the house, 4 out of every 5 prospective home buyers would like to know the Vastu of the property,” according to the report.

“Among these, the entrance direction takes precedence over the kitchen, bathroom, and puja rooms, with the setup and arrangement of rooms and following their sizes. According to the survey, almost 56% of customers assume that the house’s entrance is the most critical factor in deciding its Vastu compliance”.

Following direction, home buyers prioritize the house’s layout and arrangement, accompanied by the property’s positive effects, and finally, ventilation and energy flow.

Learn & Certified Best Vastu Courses at Divine Gyaan

Vastu is a deep study of concepts related to the science and art of directions and involves systematic planning. Although, Divine Gyaan is here to make it easy to learn by providing you with the best and vast knowledge about Vastu as a whole, including personal experiences. Abhi Kumr, a well known and Best Vastu consultant in Delhi, offers carefully developed classes for individuals interested in learning Vastu science.

Vastu Courses Content

  • Importance of Vastu
  • Introduction of Vastu Science
  • Effect of Universal Energy
  • Relation of Vastu and Gravitational Force
  • Auspicious and Inauspicious Energy places
  • Sensitive and Susceptible Places
  • The Different Constructions at Highly Sensitive Places and its Impact
  • Direction Analysis of Plot
  • The atmosphere around the Land
  • Types of Soil
  • Soil Testing
  • Different types of Land Testing

SpecificationsVastu Shastra Online Certified CourseVastu Shastra DiplomaDiploma in Professional EducationProfessional Diploma with Video
Level of CourseBeginnerBeginner to Expert to AdvancedBeginner to Advanced Beginner to Advanced levels with Practical
Type of ContentSpecialized Modalities and Tried-and-True StrategiesLessons in AudioLessons in AudioLessons in Audio,
Video Lessons 135+,
Program of Orientation
Duration6 months6 months12 months12 months
EligibilityAbove 18yrsAbove 18yrsAbove 18yrsAbove 18yrs
Completion CertificationNoYesYesYes
Course Material 500+ pages of course materials 500+ pages of course materials1200+ pages of course materials1200+ pages of course materials+ videos
FeesOn RequestRs 9145 plus GSTRs 15092 plus GSTRs 21092 + GST

Necessary Abilities!

It is essential to have excellent communication skills. To understand the root cause of issues reported by your client, you should be a good listener. Clarity of thought is essential because it is only then that you can provide clarity to your client about their issue. Must have the ability to discriminate to determine what is best for the client.

To authenticate your work and evaluations with rational reasoning, you’ll need a solid base of Vastu knowledge. Case studies must be documented regularly to assess the feasibility of your proposals and build on functional aspects of implementation. It must keep up with the latest research on planet congestions, transition impacts, and technologies regularly to have ideal solutions.

Eligibility Criteria!

Candidates must pass the 10+2 test from a recognized educational board to be qualified for a UG degree and certificate programs. Graduation in the related stream is needed for PG degree and diploma level courses only. The majority of the courses are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Vastu Shastra, without a doubt, opens many doors for people looking forward to discovering their actual interests or career options. Given the vast reach of becoming an expert and its increasing global awareness, it is now a global phenomenon that can assist you in forging a new professional direction and find a future in making people’s lives happier. What a wonderful feeling!

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