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Baby Names 390 Words

Your name is the essential thing which parents give to their children. Name is a lot more than just the identity of an individual. It will be an identity, but it will have a deeper connection in changing your destiny and bringing the best or worst in your life. The correct name and name spellings can give you wings, and at the same time, a wrong name and name spellings can bring many hurdles in your life.

Each Alphabet in the English language has a Numeric Value. When we add the Numeric Values of your name, it gives us a total compound number, and it also gives us value to a single number after adding a whole number. All these values should be compatible with us and should contribute to uplifting our life. If these values are not positively synced with our name, then it starts pulling us down.

I have personally observed that Parents often call their babies multiple cute names. They have a formal name for Schooling and other purposes however, it is not recommended to contact your kids with various names, especially Nickname. Your name is one of the essential things in shaping your personality because, as we said, the initial name is just not an identity. It is also energy for different planets. We want to sync our life with the right kind of energy and when we have several types of powers, clashing then affects an individual’s personality.
Like Rishi Kapoor Ji, an Indian film actor had the Nickname Chintu. The first thing is that we should have one identity and should not have multiple names, but if we do have a nickname, it should also be compatible with our Driver and Conductor number.

Abhi Kumr is one of the most renowned Numerologists in our country and internationally. He has helped 1000’s of parents to choose the best name for their kids. Our kids are our most important thing in life, and we should not take any chances.

It is highly recommended to get our kids’ names analyzed by a Good Numerologist to help our kids prosper in life. Health, Wealth, and Relationships in life have a lot to do with one’s name.

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