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Author: Abhi Kumr

Abhi Kumr is the founder of Divine Gyaan, also a known Author, Entrepreneur, Vastu Consultant, and numerologist. He started his career in IT Industry, worked with most reputed companies for many years. Then he moved to London (UK) to complete his MBA. After coming back to India, he started his career in the Real Estate Industry as a Real Estate Consultant. He got very inclined towards different aspects of Real Estate, especially Vastu. At the same time, he started researching, learning, and observing different buildings from View of Vastu. He found that people who moved to houses balanced as per the rules of Vastu were Happier and prospered in Life, whereas people who moved to a house with Vastu defects started to Suffer. Since then, he is practicing, researching, and still learning about this ancient science. Divine Gyaan also offers professional regular & online Numerology & Vastu courses with a certified certification. He wants to share his knowledge and experience of Vastu, Numerology, with everyone around us to benefit from it.

vastu for kitchen

Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen by Divine Gyaan Kitchen is One of the most crucial aspects of a house’s overall design is Vastu. Hindus hold the opinion that a kitchen created using Vastu Shastra principles will assist the prisoners to live happy and healthy lives. Vastu for kitchen plays an important role for any home….

A Scientific Approach Of Vastu in daily life!
Vastu Courses

A Scientific Approach Of Vastu in daily life!

Vastu talks about the ancient Indian scientific nature of Shastra in the case of building design. When designing a building, people generally consider enlisting the help of Vastu professional consultants. They guide them about the benefits of learning the scientific way of working according to the Shastra. Vastu Shastra has a lot of power of…

Best Vastu for Hospital

Vastu for Hospitals

According to vastushastra make hospital can help to get good results like directions, operation theater and entrance etc.  1) Operation-theatre ought to be within the West, whereas lying on the stretcher, patient’s head ought to air the side. The doctor ought to operate facing East or North or side however ne’er to side. 2) The…